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Informasi Pribadi:


Name: 장근석/Jang Keun Suk /张根硕
Date of birth: 1987/08/04
Height: 182cm / 6ft
Weight: 62kg / 137lbs
Blood type: A
Education: Doni elementary school, middle school Takeshi Hiroshi, NELSON COLLEGE, Yoshiyama high school, while attending the theater and film department at Hanyang University.
Debut : At age five, children’s clothing catalog model
Family: Father, Mother (only Child)
Hobbby: Listening to music, cooking, target shooting
Interests: Driving vehicles, Skiing(Skii board), interior design, travelling,snowboarding, cars
Company: Tree J Co.Ltd (address: 6th floor Tree J Building, 40 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-951, South Korea)


[2012] LOVE RAIN
[2010] KBS [Mary Stayed Out All Night] Kang, Mu Gyul
[2009] SBS [You’re Beautiful] Hwang, Tae Kyung
[2008] MBC [Beethoven Virus] Kang, Kun Woo
[2008] KBS [Hong Gil Dong] Lee, Changhui
[2006] KBS [Hwang Jin Yi] Kim, Eunho
[2006] Tooniverse [AlienSam] BongSam
[2005] SBS [Lovers in Prague] Yoon, Kun Hee
[2004] MBC [Non Stop 4] Jang, Keun Suk
[2003] KBS [The Owl Museum] Jungwoo
[2002] SBS [Orange] Jang, Keun Suk
[2002] EBS [Ten Lucks in My Life] Jihoon
[2002] SBS [The Great Ambition] Young Siyoung
[2001] KBS [Cummi, the Fairy] Oh, Myungsuk
[2001] MBC [The Story of 4 Sisters] Young Younghoon
[2001] SBS [The Reign of Women] Young Jungryum
[1999] KBS [Mr. Nooroongji and Seven Potatoes] – Yoonsung
[1999] KBS [An Encounter] – Jiwon
[1998] SBS [A Hug] – Wonju
[1997] HBS [Happiness for Sale] – Sudong (The first TV Drama debut)


[2011] “You Are My Pet”
[2009] “Murder in Itaewon” (Pearson Corporate)
[2008] “Nico” (playing Nico / voice)
[2008] “Baby and I” (part Junsu)
[2008] “Doremifasorashido” (playing Ungyu)
[2008] “Waiting” (playing Pakuuonje)2007″Good life” (playing Pakuhyonjun)
[2006] “OneMissed Call Final” (Ahn Jin-woo part)
[2003] “Treasure Island” (part Jimuhakinsu / voice)


[2009] Drama You’re Beautiful OST (Special Edition)
– What should I Do? / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009] Drama You’re Beautiful OST Part. 2 (Regular)
– Without Words / Jang, Keun Suk
– Good Bye / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009] Drama You’re Beautiful OST (Regular)
– Still / A.N. Jell
– Promise / A.N. Jell
[2009] Just Drag (Single)
– Just Drag / Jang, Keun Suk
[2009] Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love (Single)
– Toucholic Yepptic & Haptic love / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008] Drama Beethoven Virus OST (Single)
– Can You Hear Me Part 2 / Jang, Keun Suk
[2008] Black Engine (Single)
– Black Engine / Jang, Keun Suk
[2007] The Happy Life OST (Regular)
– The Happy Life (Radio Edit. Ver.) / Hwal Hwa San
– It’ll Explode (Ver. 3) / Hwal Hwa San
– It’ll Explode 2007 (Ver. 2) / Hwal Hwa San
– Fireworks / Hwal Hwa San
– The Happy Life (For Film) / Hwal Hwa San
[2007] The Happy Life OST (Single)
– The Happy Life (Main Theme) / Hwal Hwa San (Active Volcano)
– It’ll Explode / Hwal Hwa San
[2004] Sitcom Non Stop 4 (Regular Edition)
– Sky High / Non Stop Band
– Non Band Song / Non Stop Band
– Happy Happy Birthday / Non Stop Band
– Let’s Get Down / Jang, Keun Suk
– We’re Here / Non Stop Band


– 2011 Nature Republic, Lotte Duty Free Shop, Santo Lisa Seoul, rice wine
– LeSportsac
– Coca Cola
– Daily Milk
– Hyundai
– Salim Food
– Shu Uemura
– Kellogs Cornflakes
– Ottogi Quick Meals
– Chic Choc Biscuit
– Motorola
– SAMSUNG Products YEPP YP-M1/ Toucholic/ Magic Drag (ft. SISTAR’s Hyo Lyn)
– TTL Phone call charges
– SK Telecom (with BoA )
– ETUDE House -Aqua Sherbet Summer Collection and Vitcara(with Ara)
– ETUDE House -BB JINJU Compact Powder and Etude VIP Girl (with Park Shin Hye)
– Garden 5 CF Mall – (with Park Shin Hye)
– Maxim Coffee- (with Kim So Eun)
– Maeil Caffe Latte
– Skool Looks
– MCM Collections
– Black ‘N Jean
– BSX Clothing
– EXR Clothing – (with Kim Ri Na )
– Jack & Jill environmental fashion


[2008] Andre Kim Preview in Shanghai
[2007] S / S Collection by Michael Michalsky MCM
[2007] S / S SFAA Dominikusuuei by Hemyon Song
[2007] S / S Seoul Collection BOYO by Hyun Kim
[2006] S / S Seoul Collection by MICHIKO KOSHINO2005S / S SFAA by Guanhyo Chang Caruso
[2004] S / S SFAA Hong Seung-wan
[2003] F / W SFAA2002F / W SFAA


[2009] MC SBS Acting Awards
[2009] MC Melon Music Awards
[2008] Opening Tejishinfoni MC software
[2008] MBC ESPN Go To Extreme Season 2MC
[2007 ]SBS “Popular Song” MC
[2007] M. NET “track! X-BOYFRIEND” MC
[2006] Korea Drama Festival 2006 The Star
[2006] Four Tounibasudei Show 2006
[2006] Taegeuk Warriors 2006 Miss Contest
[2006] YDS Star “of Jang Geun Suk tu4u” DJ
[2005-2006] SBS “TV Box” section of the new MC Jang Geun Suk
[2005] Japan-Korea Joint “Tsunami relief benefit concert” MC
[2005] Saturday MBC “cartoon Junjo” MC
[2005] DMB live TV “on Thursday in love” MC
[2005] DMB live TV “channel at 6 & Blue” MC
[2005] DMB live TV “What’s up” MC
[2005] SK Telecom “Melon Concert” MC
[2004-2005] YTV “Jang Geun Suk Ponjirupenjiru the” MC
[2004-2005] SBS Power FM 107.7 “Jang Geun Suk Young Street” DJ
[2002-2004] SK Telecom, the country concert “Starting” MC
[2002-2003] KMTV “ADD M / V” VJ2001-2002SBS live “Popular Song” VJ

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