MORE DONATION FROM JANG KEUN SUK,,don’t give up japan!!

All proceeds from the sale of this series of Jang Keun Suk’s picture cards on Japanese Koari website will be donated in aid of Japanese disaster relief efforts. Delivery is only available within Japan.

According to news from various online sources originating from JKS Japanese website, JKS wants to go to the disaster area very much as a volunteer to help out. It seems that JKS forced manager Kim to make a call to his Japanese website company, Frau International, to convey his volunteer wishes. Very taken aback by JKS’ suggestion, Frau International is grateful for JKS’ concern but thinks that it is not feasible as JKS’ presence and popularity may lead to a more chaotic situation, so they will do what they can to stop JKS from volunteering in Japan now.

cr :Panda_HK + aphrael77


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