[24 Feb 2011] Conversational Snippets from JKS

What JKS and fans talked about during the autograph session. Hopefully, this gives my slow brain a kick so that I can think of what to say to JKS if I do get to meet him!
Snippet 1: From fan account 4 fromDC 희망엄마
Fan: I want to go to Singapore.
JKS laughs and asks: You’re going?
Fan: Of course, I’m all prepared.
JKS: So fast?!
Fan: Give me an encouraging sentence that will cheer me up during tough times.
JKS: Cheer up… because you still have me …. Hahahahahaha (JKS breaks into usual loud laughter… maybe because he himself thinks it is too mushy)
Snippet 2: From fan account 3 from DC희망엄마
Fan: I watched the ELT DVD but I still don’t understand what it is about. Are you a bad guy in the MV?
JKS: Just a fool…
Fan used iPhone and asked JKS to say a sentence to be recorded.
JKS: Once you’re addicted to me, you won’t be able to escape!
Snippet 3: From fan account 3 from DC희망엄마
JKS: Wow, I’ve not seen these clothes for a very long time.
Fan: Please make the message as mushy as possible.
JKS says as he writes: You can only see me and remember me. Wow, I’ve not even said this to my girlfriend before.
Credits to KeunSukChina for translation from Korean fans
[KSC]签名会后记3fromDC:Fan:我看了ELT DVD还是不懂在讲什么.你在里面是坏男人吗? 硕:就是个傻瓜. 然后Fan用爱疯让硕录一句话,硕甜甜的说:迷上我 你就逃不了了!~
[KSC]签名会后记1fromDC:硕:哇 好久没见这件衣服了.fan:麻烦有多肉麻就写多肉麻.硕边写:只能看我,只能记得我.边说:哇,这种话我对女朋友都没说过呢。

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