FT Island, Choi Jong-hoon, Jang – starring Kim Ha ‘you pet’ final appearances

FT Island member, said bitterly over his twitter hongki baltakdoen as two movies starring Kim Ha Suk, ‘You pet’ that the news was announced to join.

Said bitterly, ‘You pet’ related articles usp_TestParameters “Jonghoon Ido coming out!” Wrote that.Choi Jong-hoon is, ‘You pet’ through the smoke was that the first challenge.

Ki has also appeared on Japanese TV that the news became known the joy of the fans has doubled.Ki broadcast on the TBS and MBS ‘Muscle girl!’ Yui Ichikawa got cast as the lead actor and focuses on breathing.

Ki former child actor has already SBS TV Drama ‘handsome’ actress has been given to laughter Jeremy station during JYJ member Kim Jae hero second only to Japan geomeojwieo drama has attracted attention. FT Island also known to be called up to the OST.

source : nemopan.com

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