JANG KEUN SUK FAN MEETING TOUR FINISH (장근석, 2천팬 환호속 亞투어 팬미팅 마무리)

Actor Jang enthusiastic cheers of fans in 2000, more than six months had progressed to finish Asian tour trek.
5 days 16:00 20 Jang, Korea University, Seoul bunkkebuteo Hwajeong more in the gym last Asian tour in Seoul Jang ‘2010 ‘fan meeting is held title. Taiwan, starting with Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, and elsewhere around the hongtong six months to put together the first half of advanced stage for the finale fan meeting.

Jang day, many years of stage acting and gained through experience as host showed off his skills freely. Usually the MC of the fan meeting with comedian host and MC of the event as opposed to establishing a successful event, led can.

Jang appeared in the work he sang the song ‘We’, as well as Taeyeon’s ‘Can You Hear Me’ and ‘commitment’ ‘I’m In Love’ singer as good as, and called for the singing hopefuls.

Jang also said a close acquaintance of a witty video has balgyeonke his unusual aspects. Last year, SBS ‘handsome’ breathing through a focused and Yong Lee Wan appeared unusual anger fun event was given a surprise at the end.

Fan meeting approached its end, he “presence janggeunjeokyiran temperament rather have an entertainer that people say. Sometimes the words are poison, and sometimes are beneficial,” said, “but enough to be here today without making it a lot for me I wanted to show you that, “he said.

After “24 years old young actor’s filmography that are not out yet when I saw a lot of low literacy place think” and “keep your appointment with one foot, one foot went forward to keep the faith prefer being an actor,” he promised.

Finally, Jang “here today, so honored and happy to have personally” and “From now through the work as an actor, it is time to go back.’ve Been waiting You’re gonna show you heartily on the screen as the Brown,” he said expectations.

source : nemopan.com


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