Jang, “ppangmandeuneun station – naughty station, was offered”

Actor Jang cast of the drama currently being broadcast ingiri received an offer that attracted indirectly revealed.

5 days 16:00 20 Jang, Korea University, Seoul bunkkebuteo Hwajeong more in the gym last Asian tour in Seoul Jang ‘2010 ‘fan meeting is open to the title, the first half, completing six months was conducted tour of Asia.

As host and MC Jang day after the fan meeting, about the “(the offer of receiving stations), making bread, naughty role, the role of the Joseon Dynasty was causing scandal,” he said, “but most importantly I’m really good at seolremeul can meet the characters feel, “he confessed.

This he broke with the current 40% rating and became a national drama KBS 2TV ‘jeppangwang gimtakgu’ and recently began airing on KBS 2TV ‘Sungkyunkwan scandal’, MBC ‘naughty kiss cast referred to the fact that the offer was received.

Jang, “yet the audience cares about, and do not want to” and “yet the age of the young, because the most well I miss not help but scripted impatience did not mind would wait. Until then, you me, supporting (not) have changed,” he said .

Meanwhile, Jang ahead, starting with Beijing, Taiwan, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia the way to the fan meeting was in progress.

source : nemopan.com


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