Jang, keun suk original cartoons’ You Pet on the screen comeback (장근석, 日만화원작 ‘너는 펫’으로 스크린 컴백)

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My sister has the support of fans, actor Jang on the screen and confirm once again to Woman ‘s depth is likely to find irresistible.

Jang latest movie, ‘You pet’ final appearance and finish is pacing. ‘You pet’ of the same name as the original Japanese manga one piece. Be why the handsome editor of affection while living with the story gained some drawing.

Bangsongdwae in Japan in 2003 as a drama and a large viewership records, even the original and the domestic drama attracted considerable popularity. In Korea, similar to the cable, the real variety of topics has been created.

Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 when the choices this one appeared to have been bought up the subject of fans. Jang drama ‘handsome’ and then successfully complete a sequel was struggling to want to show the performance of the shoulders relaxed thinking, ‘You pet’ back door was determined to appear.

Jang was released last year, ‘Dirty Dancing murder’ accused in the murder he played a student trying to keep away from the traditional image of a pretty boy has.

Meanwhile, fashion editors Jang and fit for the station recently showcased its top stars A good performance in the drama has been on the choices this. Movies, ‘You pet’ as the main cast is confirmed plans to start shooting.

source : nemopan.com


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